With the extended range of Leki trekking poles now available on World Backpacker we’ve produced this page to summarise the range and work out which poles best meet your needs. There are so many different poles with numerous subtle features so this is aimed at helping identify the differences and make comparisons.

There are clues to some of the main differences in the features:

  • Micro refers to the pole packing down small. This means Folding poles rather than Vario, which allow the pole to vary in length.
  • Damping is often referred to as the antishock. There are two distinct types in this Leki range: DSS – Dynamic Suspension System; SAL – Soft Antishock Lite.

The difference in grips will have an effect on the level of comfort you might be looking for so the main variations are highlighted below:

  • Aergon - Ergonomically shaped handles that are edgeless and ultralight. Comfortable fit for all hands. The CorTec version are made of cork so soak up sweat very effectively but very slightly less durable.
  • Thermo - Still has the Aergon grip handle but has an extended thermal extension (mid/long) down the shaft of the pole in case you need to grip lower when ascending steep slopes.
  • Round Top Comfort - Entry level but has an adjustable safety strap so you can ensure a comfortable fit. Still edgeless so the grip is comfortable and aerated.
  • Trigger S Vertical - An advanced design from ski poles adapted to trekking poles. The additional loop strap increase flexibility and connects to the poles with a safety release mechanism.
Trekking Pole

Weight (per pole)

Pack SizeConstruction  

Length   (max)

Shaft   Material

Locking Mechanism

Best for...
Cressida Lady222g64cmVario125cmAluminium HTSYesSpeed Lock2NoAergon (cork)MidGeneral Hillwalking
2017 Albula Lite238g 67cm Vario135cmAluminium HTSYesSpeed Lock2NoAergon CheaperGeneral Hillwalking
Corklite Speedlock250g67cmVario135cmAluminium HTSYesSpeed Lock2NoAergon CorTecCheaperGeneral Hillwalking
2017 Albula Lite V264g67cmVario135cmAluminium HTSYesSpeed Lock2NoTrigger S VerticalMidGeneral Hillwalking
Trail276g66cmVario145cmAluminium HTSYesSuper LockNoRound Top ComfortCheapestGeneral Hillwalking
Tremalzo278g68cmVario135cmAluminium HTSYesSpeed LockNoAergonCheaperGeneral Hillwalking
Trail Antishock290g69cmVario145cmAluminium HTSYesSuper LockSALRound Top ComfortCheaperGeneral Hillwalking
Carbonlite210g63cmVario135cmAluminium & CarbonYesSuper LockNoAergon Thermo MidMidLightweight Trekking
Micro Vario Carbon Strong288g38cmFolding140cmCarbon & AluminiumYesSpeed LockNoAergon Thermo MidHigherLightweight Trekking
Micro Vario Ti System288g38cmFolding130cmAluminium HTSYesSpeed Lock2NoAergon Thermo MidHigherLightweight Trekking
2017 Thermolite XL244g244cmVario135cmAluminium HTSYesSpeed Lock2NoAergon Thermo LongHigherMountain Trekking
Makalu262g70cmVario145cmAluminium HTSYesSpeed Lock2NoAergonCheaperMountain Trekking
Sherpa XL268g70cmVario145cmAluminium HTSYesSpeed Lock2NoAergonMidMountain Trekking
Sherpa XL Antishock272g72cmVario145cmAluminium HTSYesSpeed Lock2DSSAergonMidMountain Trekking
Micro RCM166g35cmFolding135cm100% CarbonNoNonNoRound Top ComfortHigherTrail Running
Micro Stick Carbon206g33cmFolding130cm100% CarbonNoNonNoAergon Thermo MidHigherTrail Running
Micro Vario Carbon222g38cmFolding130cm100% CarbonYesSpeed Lock2NoAergon Thermo MidHighestTrail Running
Micro Vario Carbon Lady Antishock226g38cmFolding120cmCarbon & AluminiumYesSpeed Lock2DSSAergon Thermo MidHigherTrail Running