Website Tips

 MENUS|With one click you can get right to the category you need, from One-Person-Tents to Mens-Underwear to Headlamps. Just hover over one of the five main menus at the top of the page and choose your category.


|Once you are viewing a page of products Try toggling between List View and Grid View. In Grid View you see a larger image of the products, in List View you see a smaller image but you get more information about your products.


 SORTING|Once you have a page full of products you can sort them in a variety of ways - uniquely we offer a sort by weight function. So, if you are looking at two person tents you can sort them lightest first - then in ascending order of weight - so you can compare the items knowing which is heavier etc..

You can do this for ANY page of products. Its particularly useful in LIST VIEW as you then get basic information about each product on the same page.



 FILTERING |Down the left hand column you will see filters. You can use these to 'opt in' products by Brand or Features. So, you can just look at tents by 'MSR' and Big Agnes' for example.

Once you have filtered your list accordingly you can then sort it by weight, price or whatever (see above).



|All our stock is linked to the website. Products that only come in one format (ie one colour, one size etc..) are shown clearly to be 'in stock' or 'out of stock' on the list pages.

Products that come in various sizes or colours have their individual stock status shown on the product page. If you go to a product page for this type of product (eg clothing) and select a size/colour - you will see clearly whether that size/colour is 'in stock' or 'out of stock'.



|If the item you want to buy is not in stock and you'd like an email notification when it comes in then we offer this functionality automatically - if you select a product that is out of stock the 'Add to Basket' button converts to a 'Keep Me Updated' button - click this and record your email address to receive the email notification.